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State Bank Rewardz Apk Download

State Bank Rewardz APK: If you are the state bank customer and if you are then there is a good news for you. Now recently released accumulating reward points for various banking services and transactions and also you can redeem your reward points to get really cool products and services like the mobile and DTH recharge, mobile tickets, apparel, and electrons and much more. State Bank rewardz is now enterprise the wide loyalty of program for all the state bank customers services is given below that is

             debit cards.

             Rural banking.

             Internet banking.

             Loans.

             Demat account.

             Mobile banking.

             SME account.

             Personal bancking.

You can earn the extra rewarz points for using your state bank debit card and credit card at max can get more partner brand outlets in it. In this app, you can not only access your state bank rewardz account from the anywhere and the redeem rewardz points. But you can also receive alerts of special offers from the Max get more partner brands outlets for your debit and credit cards in your state bank. You can redeem your rewardz points at these outlets too and you can get the latest and bigger discounts.

How To Download State Bank Rewardz APK:

You can download our state bank rewardz app for free of cost in your Android or IOS mobile. After that, you can register and start the redeeming the rewardz points for your favourite products and also services. In this state bank rewardz app, you can also register for state bank rewardz and you can check the reward points and also redeem your rewardz points options are available.

If you are falling short of rewardz points then you can use your state bank debit card to pay the remaining amount and then locate a max get more partner outlets near you and after that, you can get the best offers and alerts and also notifications based on your location.

Information about state bank rewardz apk:

fileName:  state bank rewardz apk.

Size:        9.1 MB

Version:    3.2.4

Requires:   Android 4.0 and above.

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