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Geak Launcher-Easy Fast Power Apk Download

GEAK launcher apk: The overall rating of GEAK launcher easy fast power apk is 4.4, will you please note this. In general most of the top apps on Android play store have rated at 4.0+. Then these are the cumulative ratings since the app is listed on google play store. This GEAK launcher–easy fast power apk total number of five-star reviews are 4500 and the total number of reviews is 7500 and also the total number of one-star reviews are 420 only.

Geak Launcher theme apk Download:

The range of estimated number of the downloads in between 10000 and 550000 as per the google play store. This geak launcher apk feels as if you have installed a ROM on your Android smartphones, but GEAK OS sounds like a normal launcher. In normally the launcher has change just the home screen and the app drawer of your Android devices. You will use MIUI at least once a day on your Android devices.

After using this app you might have a beautiful experience of GEAK OS. One of the excellent features of this GRAK launcher apk is that it has totally redesigned the contacts applications and provides the users with a new free messaging application facility in your android device. you can chat with her or him for free of cost when the using of GEAK launcher OS.

GEAK launcher–easy fast power apk is available for free on Google play store and it has doesn’t take up much memory on your Android device. After installing this app, You will just swipe the left side of your android device screen then you will see an application built in which provides you with the latest news.

 GEAK launcher apk Features:

  • GEAK dialer.
  • GEAK launcher.
  • GEAK message.
  • GEAK news.
  • GEAK cloud.
  • GEAK market.

Information about GEAK launcher-easy fat power apk:

Name:         GEAK launcher-easy fat power

Size:              6.6 MB

Version:        4.0.1

Rating:         4.0+

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